Being a Mommy

I’m almost 6 months postpartum and still trying to find balance with motherhood. I feel like it’s going to take way longer than 6 months to figure that out since she changes so much every week it seems. I’m trying to keep up with those changes, while still trying to keep up with myself. I’ve been wearing a barely washed bun for about a month, the hair on my legs is starting to look like my eyebrows, and I have a small window of time where it’s just me…and that’s in the shower while she stares at me through the net in her playpen. She’s been a lot more demanding than she was about a month ago. I get it though. She’s moving more, exploring, figuring out what she can and cannot get into (and alwaysssss wanting her momma). I just wish she would get into more naps. This little woman does not nap AT ALL. I don’t call a 10 minute eye closure a nap. Whatever that is, she has two of those a day. It’s not enough for me to relax or take one myself. And when I say moving more, I mean I cannot take my eyes off of her AT ALL! It just gets a little overwhelming. It’s aggy but I appreciate it at that same time. I love watching her change and grow…and want her momma lol. Sometimes we just look at each other and laugh. I can see my goofiness in her and I love it. Sometimes at night when she’s asleep, I look at pictures just from a few months ago and see how noticeably different she is now. It makes me tear up.   She’s growing up so fast which is a gift and a curse. The gift is that this whining/crying part won’t last forever. One day soon, she’ll be able to tell me what she needs. And I’ll have a little bit more time to do the things I need. The curse is that she’ll never be this small again. I think about that when she’s being fussy with me and am so happy to console her in my arms. One day, she won’t fit that easy. I’m not even going to say “or not let me hold her.” That won’t happen and she’ll always love her momma. That being said, maaaaan next time I have a babysitter on deck, that’ll be nice 🙂






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Follower of Christ, mommy, wife, entrepreneur, emotional being, wholesome food eater, reality tv watcher, professional laugher, wisdom seeker, and human just trying to figure it all out.

2 thoughts on “Being a Mommy

    1. I am definitely seeing the “everyday is different!” And yes, some days are much harder than others, and she’s only 6 months. That scares me a little, but her smile and laugh makes it worth it. Thank you! Same to you!

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