The Simplicity of a Rice Bowl

Broccoli, jalapeno, green bell pepper, and onion brown rice bowl

Rice bowls are one of those meals that you can make however you want. It’s a great way to make use of veggies or other random ingredients that you have in your fridge or pantry. Just saute, boil, steam, or bake what you have, and throw it over the rice. Sauce is optional. It’s easy and, in most cases, quick to make. Since becoming vegan, it’s been a go-to. For some strange reason, rice has a bad name.

Yes, it’s not a fruit, veggie, or bean, but whole grains are an important part of a well balanced eating regimen.

Yes, it’s “processed” and a carb, but it’s a good carb with natural fiber and other nutrients still in tact.

Yes, I could use cauliflower rice, which I love, but I want to eat rice dammit.

I used to alternate between brown rice and wild rice for some bowls until I found out that wild rice isn’t even rice, and should be avoided. I KNOW! I was devastated. Apparently, it’s some type of grass seed. It honestly makes sense now that I think about how fast it’s done cooking and why is always cracks open. Brown rice in for the win! It’s inexpensive, naturally gluten-free (for those with intolerances), high in fiber, high in manganese (plays a role in calcium absorption and blood sugar regulation), and selenium, which is believed to help reduce cancer risks and illnesses. It may have carbs, but it’s nutrient dense and I think that outweighs your carb issues. My rule of thumb is the fewer ingredients in a food, the better it is for me and my body. Just stay away from white rice, which is just brown rice that has been stripped of all nutrients and color just to look pretty.

Below are two of my favorite bowls.

Veggie rice bowl with lima beans, carrots, onions, broccoli, and zucchini.

The above bowl is a mixture of lima beans, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, red pepper, green bell pepper, and onions over a wild rice mixture (a thing of the past now *exhales deeply*) with a teriyaki sauce on top. I normally make one from scratch, but some nights call for laziness. The sauce I used will be pictured under the second bowl. Sesame seeds for garnish because I like to be extra at home. *kanye shrug*


I cannot do a bowl without broccoli. I always have some on hand and it’s just pleasing to my palate. I also LOVE spice, so I added jalapeño to this one, along with green bell pepper and onion. Again, topped with Organicsville Sesame Teriyaki Sauce. Hubs says he likes mine better so after this runs out, it’s a wrap. It was really good though, and convenient. Convenience is important with an infant breastfed baby. And all of this over brown rice.

I know that the rice looks pristine, but ***spoiler alert*** I didn’t make it. 70% of the time, I either undercook rice, leaving it gummy, or overcook it, leaving it burned. And I’m being generous by saying 70%! LOL Lucky for me, whole foods sells it frozen :)! 4 cups of rice in one bag…freezer staple!


Are rice bowls on the menu in your home? What’s your favorite combination?

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