Recap: The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10, Epi 8 “A Mad Tea Party”

Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta began and centered around Kenya putting together and filming a PSA to raise awareness for domestic violence. I think it’s awesome what Kenya is doing to raise awareness of a tough issue that affects more people than we think. Her PSA focused on women, but it happens the other way around also. It’s important that anyone who is experiencing such seek help to get out of the situation. I was most shocked by Cynthia’s mom who spoke of Cynthia’s dad who had verbally and physically abused her. Cynthia was a small child when it happened, and current day it still brought her to tears, it was very moving. This was an awesome example of using your platform to raise awareness of an issue to positively make a change and encourage others to make a change and know their worth.

Sheree, who wanted to partner with Kenya on the event, showed up late due to a car accident. Umm I really wanted to see the back of Sheree’s car. The cameras showed her pull up in her car and crying but yet not the back of the car 😒 I hopeeeeee she wasn’t salty because she wasn’t a “partner”. She came in crying and in pain. Sheree is looking for any check basically.

Here’s a PSA for Bravo, give that woman a peach (Marlo). She does the MOST and they still won’t let her be a housewife 😔. It can’t be because she’s not a real “housewife” because how many of them actually are? Marlo decides to host a “tea” party with Nene, Porsha, and Cynthia where the tea is in fact cranberry and vodka. The purpose of the tea is for Nene and Porsha to resolve their issue. Two strong personalities like these ladies….I don’t see it happening. Cynthia and Nene still aren’t weren’t they were after their falling out, and Marlo is only smiling in Nene’s face because she needs her guest spot on the show 😩. Just saying.

Anywho, I agree with Nene. Porsha recalls the times she supported Nene by tweeting about things she was doing *crickets.* Actions show friendship. We will never know what really happened between them because they both think they’re right about whatever happened behind closed doors. Tea ends with no resolution *what a surprise* and Marlo says she will not be inviting them back to her house. Marlo, that’s a lie. You will invite them back. You want this guest spot on the show.

“Let it be me Lord, let it be me Chile.”-says Marlo waiting at the beginning of every season to see if she’s getting a peach 😂.

I’m a little leery of Cynthia’s friend, Will. If he wants to make an appearance on the show for your “date” AND he’s been on other shows 🤔.

Kandi and Todd’s restaurant is really cute but gives me “people go there because of Kandi only” vibes. I live in Atlanta and still haven’t tried OLG. My husband thinks it should stay that way. He saw a plate that had one piece of chicken and that was it for him 😂. When they showed the interview for the general manager, my only thought is….you can’t trust a grown man that wears bow ties 😩. I think it’s unfortunate what Kandi went through last season, but that storyline was a little more interesting.


Porsha, no one will believe in you and Rickey Smiley storyline for a second. Another snooze fest. My husband said “why did she sit in the hair and makeup chair with hair and makeup already done.” Babe, it’s a show.


I really need to know what Sheree does for money. I need that to be her storyline. The house is beautiful though. The place looked squeaky clean, but her cleaning lady was on the way, oookay! …what does she do for money again? I can’t even assume she’s a “housewife” because we know Bob isn’t giving ANY funds up. He wasn’t even paying child support.

I had to catch myself when she said Nene and Gregg both have mugshots. WHAT?! Where have I been and what are the charges?! *opens Google* mmmmh.

Atlanta used to be my favorite season. This franchise was the reason I gained interest in the whole series. Now it’s my least favorite. It’s just not the same anymore. It’s still a little entertainment on a Sunday night, though.

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