Back and Better….I Think

It’s been 17 long months since my last blog post. It’s amazing how much things change in 17 months. It’s been like a seemingly never ended roller coaster, but I guess that’s just life in total. I wanted to start my blog fresh and give it all I got and wipe (the few posts I had) clean BUUUUUT they’re a piece of me. However, I’m not rereading them due to the fear of the emotions it will bring up by reminding me of what I was dealing with then. Though looking back, that was a cake walk compared to the level of anxiety I’ve had since then, but I have better things in my life to help me get through. I am super blessed to now have my beautiful, happy, and healthy baby girl, and my husband. They make things a lot better, well mainly my daughter. I still want to hurt him sometimes 😩.

Besides my baby, I think I am most ecstatic about my health journey. Recently, I stopped eating red meat, poultry, and dairy. My last itch is knocking out the seafood. I don’t make any of it at home, but my nearest and favorite sushi place only has one veggie roll🤔 so sometimes I still go crazy on my favorite rolls with shrimp😬. I’m almost there though. It’s been quite challenging for my carnivore husband who can’t watch football without chicken wings lol but he’s adapting. I’m excited to share some of the meals and snacks I’ve been making. Looking forward to blog journey pt. 2.

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Follower of Christ, mommy, wife, entrepreneur, emotional being, wholesome food eater, reality tv watcher, professional laugher, wisdom seeker, and human just trying to figure it all out.

2 thoughts on “Back and Better….I Think

    1. It’s been quite easy for me. I just went cold turkey and never looked back. Maybe because I rarely ate it in the first place. When my husband tried it, he was angry having gone a whole day with no meat lol so I totally understand


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