Delicious Take on Breakfast

I love discovering new eateries, especially ones where I can indulge guilt free. I found GreenLife Miami Organic Bistro in Coral Gables last week. It is the cutest little place with a bunch of simple, healthy eating options. They serve breakfast, salads, sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, cold pressed juices, snacks, and coffee. They even have daily fit meals that are basically like a complete healthy lunch/dinner (a protein, vegetable, side salad). They have a different one for each day of the week. With so many menu options, which they have on an iPad at the register, it’s quite hard to come to a decision, as indecisive as I am. I ended up getting an open faced breakfast sandwich (one slice of whole wheat toast on the bottom) with avocado, eggs, spinach, blueberries, and feta cheese on top. No, I didn’t pick that weird combo, that’s how it came lol. It so delicious and filling. I did not expect it to be such a large serving, but for the $12, I’m happy it was. I intended to eat half and save the other, but the way my taste buds are set up….I started eating and next thing you know I was licking my fingers after the last piece. I overly stuffed myself. It was so good and I’ll definitely be back to try more on the menu.

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