Making Salads Fun!

Depending on the “toppings,” a salad can be your favorite meal of the day! I had a very, very, very disappointing moment last week with my weight so that thing I mentioned about working out 6 days a week and eating what I wanted, IGNORE IT! After getting on the scale last week and seeing that after a month I had not lost the pounds I wanted, I realized I needed to take better measures. No more cheese and empanadas….even that one large spoonful of gelato I sneak out the fridge. 😩🙄

I never satisfy my hunger by eating lettuce with cucumber and tomato. Almost everyday for the past 2 weeks I ordered a Vita K salad from GoGo Fresh. I found them on Yelp looking for a healthy and fresh food spot, and they had amazing reviews so I had to try them. They have amazing salads and empanadas (the ones that I can’t eat anymore)😁 ! After spending this money on salads, I’m thinking what am I doing? This is a salad. I can buy the ingredients and make this myself. So, off to Whole Foods I go.


Vita K Salad (some ingredients not pictured)

  • kale and bok choy (I only used kale)
  • sliced cucumber
  • sliced tomato
  • diced red onion
  • sliced red bell peppers
  • chickpeas (or garbanzo beans)
  • brown rice
  • olive oil and lemon juice for dressing (I used red wine vinegar in place of lemon juice)

They use kale and bok choy at GoGo Fresh, but I’m not a cafe so I want simplicity lol. Most ingredients I already keep here like olive oil, cucumbers, and tomatoes (love, love, love a cucumber, tomato, and avocado salad with a little olive oil and cilantro).  But this salad is super easy to make (like all). A chop a bunch of kale (then use only half of it and put the rest in a container), slice 1/2 cucumber, 1 whole tomato from vine, 1/2 cup of garbanzo beans, handful of red onion, slice 1 mini red bell pepper, combine, and put 1/4 cup of cooked brown rice on top. Drizzle a little olive oil and red wine vinegar on top. Viola! Guilt free meal…unless you’re a carbomaniac, then you can cut the brown rice out. I need the fiber to help me feel full. Maybe next time, I’ll sub it for protein. Happy salad-ing! ❤️💚

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