What’s Better than Water?

TEA! Tea and water are the only things I drink these days (that includes sparking water!❤️) I’ve even given up my FAVORITE….Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade. I just haven’t had a taste for it since I began my healthier lifestyle. One thing that has been a struggle is actually drinking enough during the day period, but I always have one cup of hot tea daily. Tea is also a guilt free drink, unless you are adding packs on packs on packs of sugar. Teas have different herbal blends to benefit the body in different ways. Tea is a great low calorie (some no calorie) drink alternative and hydrating to the body. It’s also a great pick me up with healthy caffeine levels. Tea is also believed to reduce the risks of heart disease due to its calming properties. One of my favorite teas is by Yogi. It’s a Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Blend.


I don’t know if it’s a mind thing because of the name, but I do feel more calm and optimistic while and after I drink this tea. It could be because I think while I’m drinking tea and I just feel better about the day. Whatever the reason, I keep this one stocked. Another thing that makes this tea special to me is the positive affirmations that are on every tea bag. Love it!


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Follower of Christ, mommy, wife, entrepreneur, emotional being, wholesome food eater, reality tv watcher, professional laugher, wisdom seeker, and human just trying to figure it all out.

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