Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk

I don’t know if it’s the salicylic acid to rid my face of these bumps popping up or me frying under the sun in Miami Heat, but my skin has been super dry (I’m normally oily). Thankfully, Sephora had VIB 15% week, giving me an opportunity to temporarily lose my mind! 😊  I got some gooooodies! My favorite has to be the Josie Maran Argan Milk. I had a small sample of it a few months ago (literally so small I only got one use out of it), so I was excited to grab something to last me a nice minute.


The milk serum is made up of 100% Argan oil and water. It’s super hydrating and gives your skin a glow (which I’m very grateful for since I rock a bare face everyday). I not only use it on my face, but any part of my body that is dry. It feels so luscious. The texture is literally like a creamy milk. It makes my skin so soft! Although it’s creamy, it still feels lightweight on my skin.

What I love about the Josie Maran brand is that her products are all natural and don’t contain harmful ingredients. I try to only purchase products that are all natural. When I wore makeup, I was using a foundation from a makeup brand that actually had an ingredient as a preservative that was a skin irritant! Crazy, right! I know this because I googled each ingredient. I thought it was strange how my face was breaking out suddenly (more than the normal spot here and there). To keep a clear face, I like to stay au naturale and watch what I put on my face (a great idea to watch what you put into your body as well). Love love love this product!

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